Whatever Your Swing Was Made From #100DaysOfOldDays

Day 51 #100DaysOfOldDays

I usually write about something from the old days and ask Lucy to draw a picture related to what I write. Today, Lucy drew the picture first and then asked me to write about it – keeping to our theme of ‘old days’.

Here goes!

Did you have a homemade swing?

Was the seat of it an old tyre? Was it a car tyre, or a big tractor tyre that half your family could sit on at the same time? Did it leave black marks on your behind?

Or was your swing seat a thick block of wood with black holes in it because they were made by a red hot poker? Was the rope blue or red—the same kind of rope that was used to make the washing line? Did you ever get your hair twisted in the rope from spinning instead of swinging?

Did your swing hang from the branch of a tree in the garden, or in the field beside your house – the field that belonged to your granny? Or did it hang from a wooden frame built by your dad and your uncle? Was the wooden frame painted?

Did it swing so high that you could see across the fence next door, or across two of granny’s fields? Did the rope creak when you swung fast, and get louder the higher you went?

How often did you fall off your swing, and did it stop you from getting back on?

When a child in school boasted about the new swing that they got from the toy shop in Dublin, did you think it was better than yours because it had a metal frame and a plastic seat?

Maybe you didn’t have a swing of your own, but you played on your friend’s swing.

Maybe you were the child who got the metal framed swing from the toy shop – the one with the plastic seat!

No matter where you did your swinging and no matter what it was made from, I bet it was the best swing ever!