Wrong #99WordStories

Featured Image – Victoria Borodinova.

Today’s story is in response to Charli Mills’ 99-word challenge. August 22, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story exploring shame as an emotion or theme. Consider how to use shame to drive a cause-and-effect story. How does it impact a character? Is there a change? Go where the prompt leads!

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His tiny bones were found buried deep in the earth; unworthy of a holy grave. He did no wrong!

He was born from the innocent womb of a young woman. Her voice too small to be heard. Powerless against a society filled with sanctimonious humans. She did no wrong!

An insignificant woman, robbed of her deserving place in society—impure, blemished, broken. But she did no wrong!

Those who hid under black and white habits, the ones behind the twitching curtains, and the men who robbed and walked away, weren’t the ones who carried shame. But they did wrong!

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