Story Chat with Marsha Ingrao

Story Chat is a place on Marsha Ingrao’s blog–Always Write–where a different author every month shares their short story. Readers come together for that month to chat about the story.

As it’s impossible to include every detail in a short story, readers have to use their imaginations to fill in the gaps. This is an enjoyable part of Story Chat, reading the different opinions and insights. Everyone has a different idea of the backstory and of what happens after ‘the end’.

Story Chat is also a great way of receiving feedback. Reading the feedback on other people’s stories can also help us improve our own creations.

I was thrilled to have my short story, Backstab, featured on Story Chat for the month of August. It was lovely to have that sort of engagement and to receive some great comments from the readers.

If you’d like to read my story, here’s the link. Backstab by Gloria McBreen.

At the end of the month, Marsha summarises the comments into a narrative or categories. Here’s mine; Backstab Summary.

You can find all the links to past and current Story Chat stories here. You may like to join in the chat too. Everyone is welcome!

PS. I love my new widget. Thanks Marsha. 😀

Part Two – You can Make me Whole Again!

If you missed part one of Mohotma’s adventures, you can read it here!

So, Mohotma Coatalay was wrecked after all the sightseeing in Bali, and she was looking forward to her flight to Darwin. On the plane she was sitting next to a lovely little Filipino man, who introduced himself as Homobono. He sat nice and tidy in his seat so she had plenty of elbow room and leg space.

Homobono was very friendly and he chatted away to Mohotma as they sipped their drinks and nibbled on their snacks. But Mohotma was so knackered that she dozed off unknown to herself. She was out like a light and her head slumped onto Homobono’s shoulder; mouth wide open she drooled Merlot tainted slobbers all over his lovely Bench cotton shirt. Oops!

She got over her embarrassment though, and cheered up when she discovered upon checking into her hotel in Darwin, that she got a room upgrade. Jammy. As. Ever.

More amazing photos followed; Alice Springs, sunrise at Ayres Rock and aboriginal rock art in Kakadu National Park- (Read more about that here)


Watching Sunrise at Ayers Rock

The water babe that our Mohotma is, she went swimming in rock pools in Litchfield and you wouldn’t believe what else she did; she auditioned for ‘I’m a Celebrity Get me Outta Here’. She pretended to be Nigella Lawson and did the whole bikini shower thing under a waterfall and everything! She almost got away with it too, but her Cavan accent let her down big time. It’s just not as posh as Nigella’s.


Ah….doesn’t the cork hat suit her! 


Wildlife Boat Trip

Next stop – Sydney! Time to spend a few days with her favourite nephew Rahul, his partner Jaanvi and their little boy Sanjay. Aw….the photos are fabulous! Yes Rahul, Bondi beach was a fabulous place to bring your lovely Auntie Mohotma; but…….skateboarding? Seriously? What were you thinking? She ain’t no spring chicken any more, y’know!

However, joining in with the buskers on the street was more her style. She was riding shotgun didgeridoo underneath the hot sun feeling like a someone! 


Mohotma was a right little Dora the Explorer; walking around the streets of Sydney with not much more than a map in her backpack. She even drew the map HERSELF!! I have to hand it to her though – she got a train to Circular Quay and Darling Harbour, without getting lost. Saphirra and I went to Dublin by train once. We got there fine, but we got ‘quite’ lost on our return. We ended up back in the city and had to get a bus home. It added about five hours to our journey; I was like the divil. That’s what we got for not inviting Mohotma to come with us!

More foodie photos followed; Rahul and Jannvi took Mohotma out on the town and treated her to a slapper slap-up meal in a posh restaurant. I thought there was something innuendous about the menu when I read it on our Whatsapp group, but it made sense when Mohotma explained that the restaurant was a brothel many years ago!

Mohotma’s Dinner

Appetizer; Deep fried Battered Crocodile Penis (I swear)

Starter; Canadian Trollops served with Masculine Salad (No Dressing)

Main Course; Grilled Stripped Salmon served on a double bed of Mini Skirted Vegetables, smothered in a Rich Creamy Sauce

Dessert; Passion Fruit served between Two Large Melons – with Cherries on Top


Battered Crocodile Penis

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their food choices. 

After dinner they visited the brothel museum/boutique upstairs and Mohotma bought herself a fabulous outfit to wear to her niece Ambuja’s upcoming wedding. A Western Authentic Brothel Babe dress in red and black; soooo her colours. She’s going to look absolutely stunning! I hope she doesn’t upstage the bride though! 

I think she’s boarding a train early in the morning to begin her journey home. No doubt we have a lot more stories to hear from our forever friend when she gets back. We truly hope that Mohotma’s adventures in Bali and Australia have made her feel whole again and full of the joys of life! 

Thank you so much Mohotma for sharing your adventures with us. You’re great craic and a ray of sunshine in all our lives! And thank you for allowing me to post your photos.

Just Another Book Club

Just Another Blog From a Woman


Yes, my beautiful friends, I have set up a book club on these here pages for anyone to join in with this book worming fun.

I’m finding more and more often these days, that I’m reaching for my smartphone to entertain me rather than a book. Reading used to be my favourite pastime, but now it seems to be doing ‘If you were a cheese, which would you be?’ type quizzes. FFS (I’d clearly be Wensleydale & Cranberry btw) or looking at slideshows of celebrities who remarkably look a bit older, now that they are -you know- older.

So, I’ve started this book club as a way to motivate me to get back to my regular reading habits and I’d love you to join me.

Here’s how it will work.

  1. I will provide a list of 6 books, one for each month for the rest of the year.
  2. At the…

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Another 30 Things That Make Me Happy

This is an excellent exercise for everyone!

I made up my own list of things that make me happy. Read them over on my other blog We Are Holistic!

What makes you happy?

Once upon a time, bad news only existed in the newspapers and the evening news. Lately, bad news has a face that I recognise. I recently heard about a horrible incident involving an acquaintance. I was pretty ticked off at the futility and helplessness of the situation and I struggled… View Post

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