About Tasheenga

Hi there! 

My name is Tasheenga. I am Gloria’s alter ego and I help her to write her blog posts – because if it wasn’t for me, she’d have no fun with her writing. She can be too serious sometimes.

I use bitmojis because I love them, and it’s easier than taking selfies. So when you see a bitmoji in her blog posts, it’s a hint that it’s my muse…not hers!

This is my bitmoji



Gloria is in the process of writing a novel. I’m of little help really, because there’s not much humour in it. This novel is the biggest challenge she has ever taken on. But she’s determined! 

She has her weaknesses;

  • Time management is not her strong point, but she’s improving.
  • She gets lost in research. Well, it’s hard not to when all sorts of interesting things pop up on the screen.
  • She’s a slow writer and ponders over things too much. I can’t help her with that I’m afraid!

She has her strengths;

  • When she says she’s gonna do something, she does it.
  • She’s not afraid of a challenge – in fact she needs it.
  • She knows good advice when she gets it…and uses it.
  • Being told she can’t do something pushes her even more. (So, carry on you pessimistic people who scoff and snort!)

Comments are always encouraged here (especially nice ones) so please do.

See you on the home page!




8 thoughts on “About Tasheenga

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  3. Where did that go to? I’ll repeat…”You sound a very interesting character ‘Gloria/Tasheenga.’ I wish you luck with your book. I’m quite ancient and have written eight. My husband reckons I’ve got ink on my veins…Words keep the world turning. I love ’em. Cheers! (my blog-site: https://joylennick. wordpress.com/)

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    • Wow! I hope I can write 8 books in my lifetime. I’m putting so much work into my first one. At the same time, studying the art as I go along. So I have myself convinced that my next book won’t take as long to complete. (I hope I’m right)
      But I’m enjoying every moment of it.
      Thanks very much for reading and commenting Joy.


  4. Gloria, this is an adorable about page! I like your fun-loving other self! I have a feeling you are fun-loving on your own, too, though. You have a worthy and substantial goal to be able to write 8 books in your lifetime. Once you get the hang of it, you will probably be the next James Patterson! I was looking for your blog to attach a post link to my Story Chat page on Always Write. I love the women’s history post. You could also link it to last week’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s. I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted this year. Here’s the link to my page. https://alwayswrite.blog/story-chat-year-two/. I’m updating it now.

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  5. Hi Gloria,
    Love this introduction of self by your alter ego. Creative and fun. I’m not an author – just one who likes to put thoughts together by writing. Thanks for stopping by for a beach walk. Meanwhile, I’ll look around … Oh … and where are you located in the world? I’m in Cincinnati Ohio

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    • Hi Frank. Thanks very much! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. You’re an excellent writer! I’m in Mayo in the West of Ireland!
      Happy to have come across your blog via Marsha! 🙂

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