Story Chat with Marsha Ingrao

Story Chat is a place on Marsha Ingrao’s blog–Always Write–where a different author every month shares their short story. Readers come together for that month to chat about the story.

As it’s impossible to include every detail in a short story, readers have to use their imaginations to fill in the gaps. This is an enjoyable part of Story Chat, reading the different opinions and insights. Everyone has a different idea of the backstory and of what happens after ‘the end’.

Story Chat is also a great way of receiving feedback. Reading the feedback on other people’s stories can also help us improve our own creations.

I was thrilled to have my short story, Backstab, featured on Story Chat for the month of August. It was lovely to have that sort of engagement and to receive some great comments from the readers.

If you’d like to read my story, here’s the link. Backstab by Gloria McBreen.

At the end of the month, Marsha summarises the comments into a narrative or categories. Here’s mine; Backstab Summary.

You can find all the links to past and current Story Chat stories here. You may like to join in the chat too. Everyone is welcome!

PS. I love my new widget. Thanks Marsha. 😀

4 thoughts on “Story Chat with Marsha Ingrao

  1. Thank you for the lovely mention, Gloria. “Backstab” was such a lot of fun, a modern Robin Hood and the readers loved it and got very engaged. I’m so glad you agreed to write a story for us to chat about. I also loved your comments on other authors’ stories. You have a friendly, positive commenting style, and you seem to be able to pull out the deep gist of the story. There is nothing more rewarding than when somebody “gets” what you are doing or writing about. Thanks again for all your engagement with Story Chat.

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  2. Loved “ Backstab” Gloria, so different and intriguing. Loved that it created great imagery and one could use their own imagination to the “ behind the scenes” …… xxx

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