More Vintage Things #100DaysOfOldDays

Day 86 #100DaysOfOldDays

My mam bought these in an antique shop a few years ago. We thought they were binoculars, but antique dealer, RJ Keighery informed me that they are opera glasses. They’re possibly from the 1930’s.

They are quite common and like all vintage and antique items, their worth depends on their condition.

R J Keighery is on Instagram with lots of unique vintage and antique pieces.

Lucy’s drawing today.

You may have read about my grandmother’s tablecloth. Click HERE if you missed it!

I also have this antique centrepiece tablecloth which belonged to my late aunt-in-law, Ellen McEntee. It’s linen, trimmed with lace, and decorated with embroidered butterflies. Ellen gave it to my mam many years ago. Mam has recently passed it on to me. She knows that I appreciate the sentimental value of it and that I’ll take good care of it. I will use it, but I will protect it!

Ellen got this as a First Communion present when she was about 6-7 years old. I find it a strange present for a child of that age. Perhaps it was used for a dressing table.

Ellen passed away in 2000 at the grand age of 93. So, this little tablecloth is about 109 years old.

Here’s Ellen in our garden with Mam, me and my brothers.

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