6 thoughts on “Percebes en España #WordlessWednesday

  1. Reminds me of the cockles and mussels stall I used to see on Brighton beach when I lived there, Gloria. I always used to add lots of vinegar to my portion. Although I believe Percebes en España is a lot more expensive.

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    • I’m just home from a trip to Santander Hugh and I ate these without really known what they were. (I trusted my Spanish friends who served them up)
      I later looked them up and yes they’re very expensive. They grow on dangerous rocky cliffs off the Galician coast, so harvesting them is a risky business. And they have to be sold while they’re still alive! They taste fresh and a little sea-salty. Their texture is similar to octopus.
      I liked them! (I’m very adventurous with food though.)

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  2. They look so unusual, like Hugh I have had the cockles and Muscles on English beaches. Devoured moules and frittes in France . Ate Clam chowder in Canada, squid in Portugal and Octopi in the Caribbean. I loved the huge prawns and lobster of the lakes of Vermont but not yet been to Spain to try those beauties out.

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