Pot, Kettle #100DaysOfOldDays

Day 58 #100DaysOfOldDays

A fun post today for Charli Mills’ 99-word Story Challenge.

She calls me black; I say the same back. 

She’s older than me, jealous you see.  

Water falls piping from my curvy spout, 

she splatters and drips from her tiny pout. 

She’s boring and plain, I’m impressive and vain. 

I’ve come so far since days of old, 

I shine like silver and sometimes gold.  

I can be tall, small, skinny or fat, 

Mrs Pot; she’s not all that. 

I whistle and sing, I let off steam, 

I invite Mr Teapot to join my team. 

Teapot and kettle on proud display, 

while Mrs Pot to her dismay, stays hidden away.  


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