Miss Parker #99WordStories

99-word stories for Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch; April 4, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to explain “baby ducks ate my lunch.” How did that happen? Who is the protagonist? Where did the baby ducks come from? Go where the prompt leads!

Miss Parker is a nice teacher. When I told her I lost my coat pockets, she knew I lied. She knew my mammy sewed them up.

When I told her I lost the gloves she knitted for me, she knew my mammy took them.

And when I told her that the baby ducks ate my lunch, she knew I didn’t have any in the first place.  

When I told her my mammy was gone away to find my daddy, she knew it wasn’t true. She knew my mother was gone for good.  

I like my new mammy, Miss Parker. 

The collection of last week’s 99-word stories can be read here; Disappearance.

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