Perfect Starters #100DaysOfOldDays

Day 49 #100DaysOfOldDays

Following on from yesterday’s post – Canapé in a Fish Bowl – where I talked about the canapés of a 70’s dinner party.

I’m even more wowed by the splendiferousness (there’s a word to remember) of the starters in my little book of 70’s party dishes!

If you fancy whipping up a perfection salad, you’ll find the recipe HERE.

This potato salad log puts my modest potato salad to shame.

When did we stop doing beautiful things to corned beef?

Tomato aspic; still a popular dish in certain parts of the world. Lots of recipes on the web for this. Here’s one!

These prawn stuffed tomatoes look delicious. These I would try for sure.

Yesterday we looked at canapés at the 70’s dinner party. You can read about it HERE.

And for the main courses and desserts of the 70’s you may go HERE.

I’m slowly coming round to the idea of throwing that 70’s dinner party I was on about yesterday.

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