Seamrógs and Wee Green Men #100DaysOfOldDays

Day 32 #100DaysOfOldDays

Today’s post is also written for Marsha Ingrao’s WQW

It’s hard to believe that our wee leprechauns are around since the 8th century. I think they’ve been around much longer than that, they just hadn’t been discovered.

They like to hide away from humans because everyone wants to catch one. I don’t know why Irish people feel the need to catch a leprechaun anyway…sure aren’t we well known around the world as being lucky sods!

If you’re ever lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, don’t forget he comes from the fairy family and he’s full of trickery. He’ll promise you gold and youth, and make all sorts of deals with you in return for some of his gold. Be careful…he is not to be trusted.

Leprechauns will spot a Cavan man a mile away, and totally take the mickey out of him. So if you’re from Cavan and you’re going out hunting for wee green men, wear the Kerry jersey. (They love the Kerry people)

Centuries ago, leprechauns wore red. They changed from red to green because of their love for the Irish people and the country’s attachment to the colour green. That’s my theory anyway!

No one has ever seen a female leprechaun. Legend has it that there are no females! Suspicious as well as curious.

Maybe it would be easier (and safer) to look for a four-leaf clover.

They’re hard to find too. But hey…the three-leaf clover which is also called a shamrock, is just as lucky.

Shamrock comes from the Irish word seamróg, which means, little plant. Each leaf on the shamrock has its own meaning; faith, hope, love. It is said that St Patrick used the shamrock to teach about the Holy Trinity—The Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.

If you can’t catch a leprechaun, or find a four-leaf clover……..

“May the saddest day of your future be no worse than the happiest day of your past.”

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