The Author is Alone

The author is alone in her chair.

Thinking. Judging.

Moving the words from here to there.

Sits back to scrutinise.

Feeling insecure.  

A need to criticise.

She stares out the window.

She leaves her chair.

More coffee.


She sits again.


Delete. Restore. Add more.

She leans forward in her chair.

Plotting. Planning.

Aims for perfection.

Fear of rejection.

The author’s chair holds her there.

Until she is fulfilled.

Until everything fits.

And more ink is spilled.

It all comes together.

When she stays in her chair.

Her passion for writing.

Keeps her there.

Right to The End.

In response to Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch. In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about an author’s chair. It can belong to any author. Where is it located and why? Does it have special meaning? Go where the prompt leads!

Image by Ray Shrewsberry • Thanks for Downloads and Likes from Pixabay

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