The Scenic Route #SoCS

We spent a couple of nights last week in Carna in Connemara. Oh…to be away! It was Heaven. And the best thing was, we booked into a pet friendly hotel so we got to bring our dog Cotton.

It was meant to be a two hour drive to Carna Bay Hotel, but Stephano took the scenic route. Which I didn’t mind until our satnav, Bridie, announced after two and a half hours, ‘You have reached your destination’.

‘Excuse me Bridie…what did you say?’ I demanded.

We were in a beautiful place indeed, but I couldn’t see a hotel, or a shop, or people. I could see the sea, stone walls, and loads of graves!

‘Stephano, where did you tell Bridie to take us?’


‘Not the hotel?’ I scowled. The dog was hungry and so was I.

‘No, I put in Carna, just to see where she’d bring us.’


So I instructed Bridie to take us to Carna Bay Hotel. She obeyed and got us there a half an hour later.

Even though the drive was three hours long, it really didn’t matter because the scenery was idyllic. The West of Ireland truly is a beautiful place to be.

Today’s post was in response to Linda G Hill’s Stream of Conscious Saturday – #SoCS. Today’s prompt is ‘drive.’

Broccoli #SoCS

When I read the prompt for this week’s #SoCS from Linda G Hillfind a word with ‘roc’ in it – the first thing that came to my mind was broccoli.

It’s one of those vegetables that you either love or hate. I was never that gone on it but I’ve always eaten it because it’s good for me. My children never liked it and I used to hide it in certain dishes to get it into them.

The funny thing is, for some strange reason, I’ve started to really like broccoli. Steamed and well done. Are my taste buds changing? Is it anything to do with being in my 50’s? Perhaps it’s another sneaky symptom of the onset of the menopause. Mmm…

Well, I blame Big M for everything else!

Ten #SoCS

Little Miss Nine has just turned into Little Miss Ten. A second birthday in lockdown. Another birthday without a party. Was she bothered? Not at all. Presents, balloons and some treats were enough to keep her happy.

We made a cake. Miss Ten can’t eat eggs so I had to bake an egg free cake. I found a delicious looking chocolate cake recipe on the internet, that looked easy to make and it had great reviews.

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Cook Like a Boss. Day 5.

The last day of Cook Like a Boss. We’ve been so spoilt all week, eating like kings.

Today is Fakeaway Friday and the menu is honey chilli chicken with fluffy rice, and chocolate fondant with ice cream for dessert.

A fakeaway is best enjoyed in the evening time, and because Little Miss Nine is at her best in the mornings, we decided that it would be better if she made her chocolate fondants early in the day, and prepare all her ingredients for the honey chilli chicken. That’s what she did and it all worked out perfectly. The preparation is more than half the work for this fakeaway meal.

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Cook Like a Boss. Day 4.

Chef Jeffers from Forestside Cookery School is teaching his budding little chefs how to make chilli non carne and baked potato today.

Stephano isn’t really a fan of our vegetarian days…but he did a little happy dance when we promised him more red velvet cake and ice cream for dessert! Plus he loves baked potato so it was full steam ahead today for Little Miss Nine.

I sat back about 98% of the time today. Eager as a beaver to get started, she got all her ingredients out and measured the herbs and spices. For the first time in her life, she opened the tin cans herself. (Are we overprotective?) She didn’t slice off any fingers in the process! I explained how she needed to rinse the beans in the colander.

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